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What's Happening at Holy Rosary

Week 3, Term 4 2021

Last week, we welcomed all students back on site, even in a staggered return it was great to see everyone back! It was wonderful seeing everyone walk through the gates after such a long period of remote learning. The students, staff and parents are all congratulated on the efforts that you all put in to ensure a continuation of learning during the most recent period of remote learning. In an exciting update over the weekend, we will all be onsite on Friday 22nd October. 
Our Grade 3 & 4 children will attend on Tuesday and Wednesday, work from home on Thursday and return full time from Friday.
Whilst the Grade 5 & 6 children will return to school on Thursday, and remain on site for the foreseeable future.
Foundation - Grade 2 continue to attend school each day.
The return to school this term has come with further public health orders and Government and Catholic Education mandates. I appreciate that vaccinations and face mask directives have caused some distress and frustration for some families. Please know that this is not a school-based decision. We are required to implement the rules and guidelines as directed. Holy Rosary has a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for staff as well as students. Adhering to the public health orders is a key way in addressing this duty of care during a pandemic. We have many things planned for this term including transition, graduation and other activities. At this stage, we are working hard to plan a way forward and how these may look as we steadily come back to some sort of normality. We will keep you informed as soon as we know what is permitted.
Unfortunately, only staff, students and approved contractors are allowed on the school site. This means parents will not be allowed on site for morning drop off or afternoon pick up. Should you need to collect a child early or for any other enquiries, please call the office on arrival.
It certainly was an exciting week at school with the demolition of the administration area finally occuring. After plenty of preparation and internal work the building came crashing down to the screams of delight from the children watching from a distance. We look forward to the clean up and subsequent building beginning. 
In Sunday's Gospel, James and John were concerned about who would sit at Jesus’ right and at Jesus’ left in the heavenly kingdom. They, like the other disciples, did not understand Jesus’ teaching that things are different in God’s kingdom. The greatest ones are the least among us. They are those who humble themselves to be the servants of all.Take a few minutes today to offer prayers of gratitude for all the people who serve you and your family. Think of those who are easy to take for granted— the waiter or waitress at the restaurant, your assistant at work, the garbage collector, your spouse, and even your children. Say “Thank you” to these and others who serve you in any way in the week to come. When you are with your family, help them become more aware of all who serve them in quiet and faithful ways too. Teach them to say “Thank you” and encourage them to be grateful for the care and goodness these servants bring into your lives.
Finally, as we continue to plan for 2022, could I ask parents who may be leaving to let the office know as soon as practical. This enables a smooth transition for all children as well as helping support the future planning of the school.


Paul Wilkinson

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PrincipalWelcome to the Holy Rosary Primary School website. We hope that you find our website can answer any and all questions you might have regarding our school and community.

At Holy Rosary, we are committed to providing a challenging, rigorous education in an environment faithful to our Catholic tradition.

Please call, email or drop in if you wish for any further information regarding any aspect of life at Holy Rosary.

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